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What is your annual revenue?

What level of investment are you willing to make in stock keeping and marketing/promoting our server racks in your region?

Business Model:

How do you typically sell products to customers?

Do you have experience selling server racks or other IT equipment?


If yes, please describe:

Do you provide after sales service to your customers?

Market Coverage:

How do you typically sell products to customers?

Are you interested in expanding your coverage to other areas?

What are the current products/ services you are offering?

Customer Base:

Who are your typical customers?

Are they primarily small businesses, large enterprises, or something in between?

Sales Channels:

How do you reach your customers?

Do you have a direct sales team, or do you rely on partners or resellers?

How many people do you have in your sales team?

Marketing and Promotion:

What marketing activities do you currently engage in to promote your products?

Technical Expertise:

Do you have technical expertise in IT infrastructure, particularly in the area of server racks?


If yes, please describe:


Can you provide references from customers or partners who have worked with your company before?

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